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The Hotel

The retreat that now you can also enjoy

The House of the President is an oasis of Ávila, a paradise within the wall. Here you go to enjoy a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere in the heart of the capital, a shelter that invites you to let yourself wrap around its stone walls, relax with a drink in the pool, waking up in a fluffy bed (for once, without a hastle) or enjoying a morning breakfast with a grounded coffee and a good read.

Relax and reconnect with the bonvivant you have inside: we are here to pamper you.

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A close and warm luxury experience

The House of the President was the palace built by the Duke of Suarez; but it was also Adolfo's home, to be sure.

The former president was well versed in luxury, without a doubt, a bonvivant: an impeccable gentleman, always willing to savor the smallest of life's pleasures. Our hotel pays tribute to that facet of Adolfo offering you a luxurious experience that, does not leave aside the warmth that identified our President. The intricate details and service offered at the President's House have been added exclusively to maximize your level of comfort, creating a 'home away from home' experience.

A hotel that is a piece of history

The President's House is more than a luxury hotel: it is a piece of History; the one of our first, President, Adolfo Suárez, who built it and who lived in an intermittent between its walls for more than a decade. Discover in your stays the remnants of the History of Spain: listen in the President's Office (check-in) the whispers between Suárez and Carrillo negotiating the legalization of the Communist Party; Imagine in the Hall the heated meetings that happened between your walls and that gave life to the Constitution of 78 ...

An experience of luxury Ávila

The President’s house invites you to immerse in an experience of luxury in Ávila. The exclusive retreat conceived by Adolfo Suárez is located in the heart of Ávila, in the “Telares” street that has direct access to the wall from its gardens and a relaxing pool to enjoy on warm days. The rooms are spacious, with large bathrooms offering a splendid view from the bathtub, accompanied with a privileged panoramic view of the city.